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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Making a Spectacle of Myself

Hanoi, Hanoi, Hanoi. I could almost live here. Many streets are taken up by a particular product, so one has Paint Street, Shop Mannikin Avenue, Broken Electrical Appliance Alley, etc.. I found Spectacle Street sharing the same space as Book Lane. We had heard tales of low cost glasses, so this was a real find, and yes, glasses were cheap. I got a pair of big name (ie. fake) glasses with hardened lenses etc. etc. for 67 dollars. I was chuffed. People seemed to like them too, so much so in fact that I seemed to start a trend. Everyone wanted to get a new pair and we set out en masse for the wonderful street the next day. I was a little crestfallen, however, when Phil got the same pair as me day for less than half the price. Still 67 dollars for a pair of glasses ain't bad, and I myself got another pair for half that myself. I had been struggling with the scratches on my old pair for a long while too.


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