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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Carry On China

The bus journey to our train ride was on a public bus. Very different to our last public bus experience, this nevertheless had its own strangeness. On a tv they played a Hong Kong comedy, apparently from the 60's. It looked and played like a very bad 'Carry On' or 'Confessions of...' movie and, for a public bus in the afternoon, bordered on softcore porn at times. Certainly I didn't realise foot fetishism was so big in China. Having said that, the movie had such a scattershot approach that it managed to take in elements that might appeal to every member of the family, veering from Capraesque Monty Python sketches (an ad exec tries to convince a man to commit suicide for a commercial and ends up doing it himself) to 'Three Men and a Baby' (or two men in this case). We made it to the station just as it ended.

This train trip too was in sharp contrast to our last ride. We were all together this time, and few were in the mood for drinking. I read and listened to music. We had an unnecessary hour-long wait outside the station, but outside of a little grumbling, we were all too wrapped up in the impending end of our trip to really care. When we finally got off we had to pass through customs to leave China and enter the special place that is Hong Kong.


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