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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Funny Bit

All right, so you want the funny bit. Will is excessively proud of his new extension. It is a remarkable feat of new architecture and is actually quite nice. I arrived with a crate of Miller and sought out a seat. I found one in the room beside the kitchen and tried to bring it into the seating area. Unfortunately Will's son Brian was by the computer and Ian was well ensconsed on his seat, so I lifted the chair up to get it between them. Unfortunately in doing this I hit the archway between the rooms and marked the walls. Ah, I thought I will use my glasses cloth to wipe it off. Unfortunately (again) it made it worse. Will was getting angrier, I was sinking into the floor. As I left I apologised to Mary, Will's wife, but it was the first she heard of it. I ran.


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