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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I have despaired of any commentators I have seen on the latest Gaza conflict. European leaders could use their trade agreement with Israel to leverage action, but don't. The The U.N. is generally ineffective given that the same politicians will always veto any action. Only the U.N. staff on the ground present any sense of honesty. Up to now Christophen Gunness came the closest to telling it as it is, but tonight on Channel 4 I saw an interview with UN rep, John Ging. Finally someone actually being honest. If only some one would listen to the man. Somehow I doubt it.
Last night Mark Regev insulted Jeremy Paxman and the intelligence of any thinking person by claiming 'the fog of war' was to blame for the attack on the U.N. school. He seemed to be of the view that soldiers on the ground were attacked by gunmen in the school. What could they do? This seemed to ignore the fact that the school was bombed from above. Will anyone ever be charged with war crimes? I doubt it.


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