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Friday, April 09, 2010

Jack O'Connor, Fianna Fail Representative for Ireland Ruined

What on earth does Jack O'Connor of SIPTU think he's negotiated? This public sector pay and reform deal is nothing but carte blanche for the Government and one has to wonder, as so many already seem to wonder, whether Jack O'Connor is simply a corrupt stooge in the Government pocket. There are NO pluses for public sector employees and many and major negatives. The union gives up its right to strike! Contracts are renegotiated! Redeployment (aka redundancy) is at the whim of management! The so-called pluses, eg. freeze on further cuts, repayment to lower payed workers of money already taken, are nebulous at best (no amounts nor dates outlined for the latter) and a joke at worse (it's all subject to any 'unexpected' deterioration in the budget - ha,ha,ha,ha,ha - while repayment is conditional on gains saved locally). Why should anyone support that deal? And simply saying there is nothing better is not enough. Anything is better! A lot better. Just because we need to make sacrifices does not mean we should sacrifice our integrity or our sense.
Fair dues to UNITE! Oh, and by the way, what do we unfortunates who are members of SIPTU pay our dues for?


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