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Friday, May 14, 2010


Living where I do, I tend to go to Dunnes for my grocery shopping before Tesco; buy Irish and all that stuff. Well, I was too late for Moore Street, and I do like my fish, so I went in to buy some whiting. It is cheap (€8.89 a kilo) and I like it, and I have bought it many times before in Dunnes. So I was a little surprised at the cost when I got my fish. Nothing incredibly extravagant, it just seemed wrong. Sure enough on examining it, I noted the label stuck on my purchase claimed it was €10.24 a kilo. I pointed this out, but was told the scales were the thing and the price on display (as I say, €8.89, a price that always been the selling price before) was just wrong. I know my rights, but didn't feel like pressing it over a few cents. In Tesco when they get the advertised price wrong you are refunded the entire price of the product, but I didn't want this, just the price it was being sold at. It's the principle, not the few cents, and it took the good out of it.
I'll think twice before ever going back there for my fish (a lesson to you, Dunnes!). As it was I paid my bill and went to Tesco.


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