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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Given the pleasure of watching "The Cabin in the Woods", I should mention that I'm reading Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" at the moment. It's the one major work by Lovecraft I haven't yet read (though of course I am familiar with the story and have seen both Corman's "The Haunted Palace" and O'Bannon's "The Resurrected"). It is a frustrating piece of work. Even more than usual, Lovecraft's insistence on not describing what he describes as indescribable is just plain annoying. The plain thrust of things is pretty clear, yet to make his 'big reveal' late in the novel, he feels the need to obscure things early, so of the raid on Curwen's farm we get small hints and glimpses from people uninvolved in the action. You see it is terrifying just how close-lipped everyone actually involved subsequently became! I feel like throwing the rubbish away, but my dedication to the genre necessitates some hard work. It shall soon be over, thank Yog-Sothoth!

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