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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Little Ireland

Whoa! I have let things slide. Sorry, folks!

Christmas was spent on Coogee beach and you haven't done Christmas until you're battered by waves while drunk. Great stuff. It's bizarre to hear 'The Fields of Athenry' sung by many voices on an Australian beach at Christmas.

Yesterday I was at the races in Randwick where I won two out of two races and 161 dollars! Not bad for my first visit. International passport holders got in free, which meant everyone. Again you couldn't turn around without an Irish accent in your ear. Even the horses probably kissed the Blarney Stone. Needless to say drink was once again involved and stuck with me all night.

'All night' was spent in another Little Ireland outpost, the Tea Gardens. This place - and I mean this general part of Sydney - is just far too Irish, and in the Tea gardens there was just no question of meeting an Aussie (though I think I remember meeting one, now that my poor oppressed head begins to recover). Limerick, Clare, Dublin, Kerry, even the inhabitant of Leitrim was there.

Anyhow I need to recover some more, so I'll write later.


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