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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Few Recollections of Sydney

Now safely ensconced in Auckland, I thought I'd recall one or two things about Sydney.

When I arrived that last time, having got off the plane from Alice Springs, I hopped in a shuttle to Central, ran to the platform for the train to Bondi Junction, leapt on to the train and came face to face with the Corkonian, Louise, who had been on the Uluru trip. In a city of millions what was going on? The train goes through Kings Cross where she was staying, so not so unusual you might say, except she wasn't going to King's Cross, she had got on the wrong train. Anyhow we made smalltalk and promised to meet up over Christmas (we didn't). Before you misty eyed-romantics see the hand of Fate at work, I must remind you that she would not be my cup of tea.

Another woman who would not be my cup of tea, but who was stalking me, was Paris Hilton. Not content to appear in Munich while I was there, she now followed me to Bondi (ostensibly flogging her new drink). On my walk in the rain to Bondi Beach, she hid herself in the bar, Iceberg's, where I sheltered temporarily. Then leaving Sydney she followed me to the airport too, ostensibly to go home. I wish she'd leave me alone.

The day before the party in the girls' house (three days before New Year's), I came down with a bad back and could barely walk. My sofa bed though deliciously comfy more than likely aggravated it. I tried Nurofen Plus, but the only cure was alcohol and it worked a treat. The back pain now returns (more than likely the haversack - 21kg - but the hotel bed was very comfy).

Sydney is a very easy place to get stuck in. If you are in Australia for any length of time try to escape its grip, there is so much to see. Having said that, Sydney is great, really great. And while I am about it a big thank you to Lynda, Niamh, Twiggy, Julie, Rachel and Ronan who made me feel very, very welcome over the Christmas Season.


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