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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back in Bangkok - Homecoming

There had been some rumblings of thunder the night before and we awoke to find that it had rained. No problem, it freshened up things. It relieved the dull dry red of the road as we drove along on our way to Bangkok. In fact it more than relieved it, it transformed it.
We were to get one minibus to the Thai border where we were to be picked up by two Thai buses. However, two hours in, our bus was forced to stop behind a line of traffic. Another Intrepid group was stopped behind us. Charles got out to find out what the story was. I got out too, to 'shoot rabbits' as the Vietnamese euphemism is for going to the toilet. After only a few steps I found my sandals sinking in the wet road. I walked on more carefully and found a little roadside place with a toilet. Running through a yard to avoid the cloying clay I sunk down all the more. My feet became those of a terracotta soldier. Still I shot a rabbit.
When I returned I found that things were not too good. We could go forward, the road was too bad and vehicles were not able to get any traction. Charles made the call; we would have to return and get a plane. Considering that Charles had been recommending sports bras to the women while travelling this road (very bumpy), it did not meet with any resistance.
Flying back meant we arrived in Bangkok a little earlier than we might otherwise have done. The two minibuses that should have met us at the border now met us at the airport. I think Phil described them as porno limousines; certainly they went a little over the top on the lighting and gilding. Still no one was complaining. The leatherette seats were comfy and we were where we should be. Love it or hate it (and you should know my feelings on that), we were in Bangkok, and damn it if it didn't feel like home.


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