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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Return of the Tempestuous Two

In trying to get up to date I am going to have to be more brief (isn't that what I always say?). Anyhow next day we arose at 4.30 to get to Angkor Wat to see sunrise. We had a lovely little Cambodian guide, Alannt, who met us in the lobby dark and early.

There were crowds there, but we still managed to get a cup of coffee while we waited for the lazy sun to rise. I could wax lyrical about the whole experience, but thankfully I won't as everything they have said about Angkor Wat is true; words cannot describe it. Amazing, wonderful, an astounding feat of construction. the thing is Angkor Wat is only one of many temples in the area and each seems to be more stunning than the last. You'll just have to see it.

After lunch we visited the Landmine Museum. You can just get more and more angry in this place. A 19 year-old with a leg blown off described the work of the museum's founder, a former Khmer Rouge soldier who used to set the mines, but who now finds and disposes of them with none of the elaborate equipment of some of his better funded peers. Our guide showed us the many sickening weapons that kill many Cambodians every year, weapons made by Russia, China, Vietnam, and America (the Bouncing Betty is a particularly nasty bomb), weapons that blew off his leg and killed his brother and sister. Remember whatever about the usual suspects, America still refuses to sign the Ottawa Convention, the convention that bans the use of mines. Nice one, USA.
In the afternoon we visited more temples. I am not being flippant when I say these are just too amazing for words. They really are that good.
Dinner in the Soup Dragon, and I thought I finally met my match. I ordered two dishes, but was brought out five. I struggled but I acquited myself honourably.
most of the others went back to the hotel, but Zoe, Helen, Sian, Rebecca, Charles and I went to the Angkor What Bar. After my brief abstinence I was thirsty. We got the tail-end of Happy Hour and suffered a couple of truly awful cocktails. Still the beer helped me recover. Then suddenly who should walk in only Phoebe, yes, Phoebe from Koh Lanta, looking every bit as sexy as there. And what was more Tamsin was just outside. Better and better. Unfortunately I think some of my shine had worn off and at this stage they had generated a firm male following. We chatted for a bit, but then they are young and I left them to dance with their entourage.

It was close to 1, when we got back and I was in just the right self-pitying mood to cut loose on the blog. And I did, writing the most revolting maudlin shite you will thankfully never have the pain of reading. Luckily the powercuts which had been plaguing the hotel the last two days chose to intervene at this point, wiping my blog and saving the world. You are all lucky, you hear!


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