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Saturday, March 10, 2007

R and R

We have spent today travelling to a lazy, seaside town called Hoi An. The weather in Hanoi had been cold, actually cold, Hue had been slightly warmer, but once we broke through the mountains today we once more entered summer. We even had a toilet stop at China Bay, an incredible beach from the little I saw of it. Unfortunately Phil has been fairly ill and getting worse all day. Once we arrived we sent for the doctor and I have to hear yet how he is.

We have three relaxing days here. Besides the sun, the sand and the relaxation, there is some sort of Scandanavian Psychology course going on at the hotel and the pool was surrounded by tall Nordic blonde women. Actually some rather fetching, bronzed Irish girls have just left the Internet cafe. It might be a night to go out on the town.


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