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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hong Kong by Port Light

Hong Kong really should be seen for many reasons, but as I went to the airport I passed the commercial port. Unlike so many ports around the world, this port looked like a continuation of the earlier evening's lightshow, a veritable Chirstmas tree of illumination in the dark of early morning. I suppose the other side of the coin is to wonder at how much energy is being needlessly wasted. I admired the sight, while worrying at the cost. The taxi driver just played his Eagles cd.

Getting to Hong Kong airport is very difficult in the early hours of the morning. The express trains, buses etc. are all problematic and only the taxi offers a reliable, if expensive, route. As if to mirror this early morning sleepiness of transportation, the airport itself doesn't really wake up until well after 5 am. Quite a few people were standing around waiting for check in to start when I arrived. Shops and restaurants too were closed, and only for Chin Chin's biscuits I would have been very hungry. Still I was there, I'd made it to the airport and my flight, so on with my older 1 Gb MP3 player and a little Tom Waits played me along until boarding.


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