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Saturday, November 03, 2007


I am not happy with Russell's 'Problems of Philosophy'. I am only a few chapters in, but he dodges all the real 'problems' with a drunken 'Ah, sure ya couldn't really believe that!' All very sensible in a pub context, but hardly acceptable in a serious philosophical piece.
I have just come from Charlie's 2 (my gran's old shop. I eventually got the crispy pork belly soup noodles I asked for. Brought me right back to be eating slices of red chili, but we don't get anywhere near the quality here that we would in Asia. At the table beside me a small Chinese girl with a wonderfully broad Dublin accent explained to her boyfriend how she could understand her mother (particularly in family matters such as 'I hate you!), but couldn't speak Chinese herself. The idiot boyfriend came out with the immature, 'But that doesn't make sense!' Yes, it does you idiot. Anyway I turned up my music and eventually ate my noodles.



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