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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Marion CotillardMarion Cotillard as Edith Piaf
I'm not really one for awards ceremonies, but I happened to flick on the BAFTAs; it's a strong field this year, what with 'No Country for Old Men', "Atonement", "There Will Be Blood", "This Is England", etc.. The BAFTAs got a lot of additional attention this time around after the writers' strike scuppered the Golden Globes and seemed like it might ruin the Oscars (the dispute has been resolved). Well, it wasn't totally without interest.


Great to see Marion Cotillard get the BAFTA for Best Actress. Poor kid was nervous as hell, but deserved it (for 'La Vie en Rose'). Javier Bardem too (Best Supporting Actor); he did Chigurh justice in 'No Country for Old Men'. Pleasant too to see Danny Day-Lewis finally show a sense of humour. And though it all may be lovey-dom, I am glad that Anthony Hopkins got the Lifetime Achievement award. He's one hell-raiser still going. (And I just saw Roger Deakins got Best Cinematographer; sometimes they do get things right.)

Not So Nice

Shame 'The Lives of Others' didn't get anything though (correction, I've just seen it got best Foreign Movie; well, quelle surprise!). And why on earth was Paul Greengrass in for Best Director? There's far better filler material (for the category) than him. 'Atonement' too, though not a bad film, didn't really deserve best movie, though given the Britishness of it all, it can hardly be said to be a surprise (it won't get the Oscar, after all).

All in all, in a tough year they didn't get things too wrong (full list of winners here). But, then again, in large part it's really just slotting given nominees into the most appropriate prize slots to give everyone some pie (almost every nominated movie got something). Safe stuff, but everyone leaves happy. Even the viewers.



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