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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What you don't see

It's amazing what you don't see! Nigel was playing a gig up in Smithfield, so ten minutes beforehand I set off walking from my new abode. When you turn off Capel Street you expect just straight roads, but there was "Little Britain Street", effectively a fenced off green space in a place you never expected. And on the way back I came via Bolton Street and there was an Indian takeway, and a huge supermarket as close to me as the petty newsagent I have frequented up to now. And a chipper on my doorstep. And a blues bar. And, holy God, angel giftware with the number "66" on either side of the sign (there are three sixes within four sixes, you know). What you don't see when you stick to the beaten track! By the time I got to Bray, I had a completely different perspective on Dublin.


At 8:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this phenomena! Where I work is a kinda dead part of town - there is effectively nothing there outside of an enormous graveyard. One night recently I walked an alternative route to my tram stop and hey presto, in the middle of nowhere I discovered a "Fine Wines" shop with a very fine selection of Italian wines. Beautiful.


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