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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Room for One More Inside

On my way to visit the folks. Already I find the second bus irksome. Having said that this bus had pulled away from the stop when I got there but he still let me on (he was caught in traffic anyway). And several more rushing fools were similarly let on. Are bus drivers becoming more accommodating now that I need them less? Nah, it's probably the driver's first day, or he's had an overdose of Prozac, or he's that scary hearse driver in 'Dead of Night' who goes, 'Room for one more inside....'
I need my endorphins. Either that or kick a kitten.
Shame on Tesco and their lack of 40x30 clip-on picture frames!
Ah, that Wilde quotation ("I have nothing to declare...") on the ferry poster is too old hat. Well, okay, so it is over a 100 years old; I guess I mean familiar. Or maybe it's just because I got the tee-shirt.
MSc class reunion is coming up at the end of February. 11 years!!!!! Typically it clashes with a retirement do for someone at work. Typical! I will atend though, oh, yes, I will attend.
Fingernail cutter has been replaced by bronchitus seeder. We shall all die, all die coughing!!! Nyyyyyyyaahhhhh!
"Room for one more inside...."


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