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Monday, January 14, 2008

More Notes on The Night Stalker

One big anomaly in Kolchak was having Richard Kiel, Jaws in the James Bond movies, playing an Indian wizard. More convincing by far was Kiel as the lettuce-covered creature, Peremalfait, in one of my most fondly remembered episodes, 'The Spanish Moss Murders'. Probably taking its cue from Swamp Thing and Man-thing, Peremalfait was a huge, green Bogeyman, remembered and unconsciously created by a sleep experiment subject from the Bayou. Kolchak must eventually confront him in Chicago's sewers with what is admittedly a somewhat ridiculous weapon, a whittled piece of Bayou gum tree. The huge Kiel being speared by the little twig is just a little too easy.

The curse of the pathetic make-up surfaces again in 'Mr R.I.N.G' about a homicidal robot. A jump-suited actor with lights on his face strives to make itself human (learning philosophy from St Augustine, among others and using undertaker's wax and a ski mask for that Jason look). I think it's easy to see where the story had its origins when you see that the robot was invented in the 'Tyrell' Institute ('Bladerunner' anyone?). Not bad. Shame about the jumpsuit.

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