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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shoddy, and Yes, I am Jealous!

It's strange, but film buff though I am, I only got around to seeing Channel 6's film programme, 'Take Six', tonight, and even then only the beginning and the end. I don't feel I lost much by missing the middle. Okay, as someone who'd give his right gonad to host a film review show, I'm bound to be envious and just a wee bit critical. However, of what I saw it's badly edited (sentences chopped off before they end), badly framed (the host sits so far back as to require binoculars), and the 'questions' (and I use the word in its broadest sense seeing as they usually involve reams of senseless flattery) are often far longer than the answers by the celebrity guests (in this case Renee Zellweger). At the end we were left with 'a trailer of a great movie not out for a little while'. A 'little while' I suppose can mean twenty four hours, since the movie trailer shown was for 'We Own the Night', opening tomorrow. Not that you'd know, by the way, given that neither the host nor the credits revealed the title of this 'great movie not out for a little while'. The credits ended before the trailer itself could tell us. This itself wasn't surprising given that perhaps only five people constitute the crew. In their defence, Channel Six are obviously skimping on the money, but a little more care should be lavished even by such a small outfit. You have an enviable opportunity folks; make more of it!



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