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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

As the 'legitmate' rival of 'illegitimate' Ryanair, I would not necessarily look with disdain on an Aer Lingus sale. However, I got a spam mail about special offers today and felt an immediate sense of recoil. Analysing my feeling I found the reason to be obvious enough; the recent fiasco with the so-called five euro seats was still fresh in my mind. Is it just me? I get the feeling Aer Lingus have done themselves a lot more harm than they realise with their behaviour over that stunt. I didn't go to their site.


At 9:27 pm, Anonymous Baryr Alistair said...

Hey Niall,
On a recent trip to Boston I bought two books in Dublin Airport.
The first was Michael O'Leary's autobiography - haven't read this yet, but like RyanAir or loathe them, he has changed the face of air travel in Europe and opened it up to the masses. I'd rather be paying a fiver plus 20 taxes for a trip to Co Paris or wherever than the 500 we'd probably be paying if they weren't around.

The second book was called RuinAir by Paul Kilduff - it's a hilarious Micky (O'Leary) take - buy it, it's advertised at just 0.01c ( fees and charges of €12.98)

Barry @

At 9:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely think that you have to force yourself to have good PR (obviously, unlike Ryanair, your product has to be good). I think you can shape your message by getting a professional firm to put out your positioning, but I'm curious about places that only charge based on articles placed, like Publicity Guaranteed...any thoughts?


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