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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sorting through the Collection

Hopscotching around my books at the moment. Occasionally I am still dipping into Alexis de Toqueville's insightful "Democracy in America", but I have wanted to get back into fiction and so started John Fowles' 'The Collector'. I rarely read the blurb on the back of a book, not wanting to get too much of the story beforehand and trusting instead to the author, but I kind of wish I did now. Dealing with a butterfly collector who kidaps and imprisons a young woman in the hope that she will learn to love him, you just know by page 41 when he writes "...I didn't want to kill her, that's the last thing I wanted", that that is exactly what he will do and that she will end up stuffed, down in the cellar and admired like his mounted butterflies (to be honest, by page 1 paragraph 1 when he writes "...before she came to be my guest here...", I'd already formulated that particular storyline; 'my guest'...). I hope he surprises me, but I find it difficult to go back to; spending a lot of time in the company of psychotics is not my idea of fun, which is why I tend to leave work as early as I can.



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