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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pig in a Poke

I think it says as much about the Republicans as Barack Obama that they immediately associate a pig wearing lipstick with Sarah Palin. It's also a booby trap Obama seems to have fallen into.
Palin is the Republican's Joker, and, I would add given her Creationist views, bad joke. She was a cynical attempt to catch the pro-Hilary female vote without really doing much damage to creaky McCain. She portrays herself as a pitbull, albeit one with dentures, and violent animals, be they canine or porcine, attract attention. McCain just has to stay quiet, let her take the spotlight, and come out every now and again with a non-threatening wiseacre to show he's above nastiness. After all she's only the vice-presidential candidate. And that's where Barack's slipping up. He's taken the bait. He should not be dealing with his opponent's running mate, he should be targeting his opponent directly. By engaging with her he is lowering herself to her level and the level of a vice president (reinforcing that spotlight into the bargain). Biden should be doing this job, but where is he? On every report I've seen McCain, Palin and Obama are mentioned, but Biden is mysteriously absent. Are the Democrats trying to sabotage themselves?
Even as Vice President though, Palin is a monstrous concept. Surely America is not so imbecilic as to vote in a pro-gun creationist with a history of hypocrisy, petty power wielding and 'maybe' even corruption? I know they voted in Bush - TWICE - but surely they wouldn't be so insane. Would they? And then if McCain popped his clogs! Surely there's something about this in Nostradamus, isn't there. In fact, I seem to recall some story about a white pig and ....


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