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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And Edison Said 'Let There Be Light!'

I discovered a nice piece of music among a collection of 'Russian Legends': Leonid Kogan playing an arrangement for chamber orchestra and violin by Edison(!) Denisov of a partita by Bach. Very much in the style of Tippett's Fantasia on a Theme by Corelli (by way of George Auric), though ultimately not as good, it nevertheless nearly reduced me to tears; not so much the quality as the audacity. I am an iconoclast at heart (probably why I love Prokofiev so much) and Denisov's mixing of the austere baroque of Bach with the discordant wail of the Twentieth Century proved irresistible to me. The cd continued with Shostakovich's Violin Concerto, heavy after the light, but that slow third movement is a dream.



At 5:58 am, Blogger red said...

Ah, You've just reminded me that I was supposed to be educating myself in the ways of classical music and I've completely abandoned it. Oops.


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