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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Small Breakfast Roll Mentality

Haven't I got little to be worrying about in these troubled times when a 'small breakfast roll' troubles my mind. Yes, I suppose so, though my brother hasn't such trivial concerns; he just lost his job. This levy too, the public sector 'pension' levy, that might trouble more than a few people. Perfectly unfair and hitting the poorer wage earners. But it's just a 'public sector' thing, isn't it? Nope, bring one (large) section of the workforce down and your setting a lovely ongoing precedent for everyone, everyone that is except the top. (Heard a rumour recently of pay increases for our top staff, only a rumour mind. Anyone care to comment on that one?) Oh, and one thing the media doesn't always broadcast is that benchmarking for the public sector was negotiated to take account of those great pensions we're meant to have; less pay, more pension. Take them away and benchmarking doesn't really apply so well. That on top of pay freezes etc..


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