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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maudlin in the Wee Hours

Very, very tired.
Right now listening to John Martyn's 'Small Hours' as I am nothing if not a man for the appropriate.
Very, very, very tired.
Reading a little of Philip Roth's description of Bernard Malamud today. Apparently 'Bern' was an 'Insurance Salesman'. So was Charles Ives. Hell, maybe there is something to that profession. (Before you comment I know Bern wasn't; Ives was though.)
Giving up the ghost.
Robert Charles Wilson is a competent, very competent sci-fi writer, but of much more I am unsure. Knows his characters, but they're all the same.
Why the hell do I stay awake?
Fair dues to Ireland today. The stuff of fiction, but crazy all the same. That last kick....
Why do we even play the game, any game?
Sleep is Death's gift to Humanity.


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