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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are Americans Mad?

Just when the world saw Obama's election as a reason to take the US seriously again, they start complaining about a health bill apparently designed to help those who need help most. Apparently it's a Nazi(!!!!!!!) plan! Apparently Britain's NHS is Satanic! Apparently all us European countries maintain ovens in our so-called hospitals! Apparently I'm here due to this iniquity! (They must have saved my childhood life for some nefarious end I'm still not aware of.) Are they loons? Have they any intelligence in that poor country? Or should that be any compassion? Loons! I particularly take offence at their demonisation of the British NHS which is something I, as a non-British observer, have always looked at with a certain amount of admiration. Listen you blind, ignorant shites, if you want real corporate driven, backhanded greed behind your policies let's swap our Brian Cowen for your Barack Obama. Hey, what do you say? He'll ensure your millions of unwanted health care deprived citizens remain deprived. Hell, he'll even maintain the apparent quality of your education system. Wake up you loons!


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