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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ambiguous Towers of Pong

Would you believe I only went to the Tower of London today (Tower? What tower?)! That Star of Africa is one impressive piece of paste! And yes, I do think it was Richard III.


Reading 'Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises' and it reminds me why I never really liked 'The Great Gatsby'. All those rich Americans are annoying, aren't they? Yeah, I've been out on the town too, but we don't leech off someone else's champagne (hence the Guinness). Well, I don't, which is probably why I don't get much these days. Of anything.

Everybody's going surfing

I forgot the joy of surfing on a moving vehicle. Thank you Zoe for prompting me to reinvent tube surfing. Folks, surfing on the tube is the only thing to do. You don't get wet, nor crushed by 100 foot waves, but that corner going round to Tottenham Court station is a doosey!!!! COOOOOOOOOL! And I like blue cheese with red wine. But then you knew that.