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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

State of the Company

When a government puts the rights, well-being and prosperity of the individual (not the generic 'people' they are so happy to crow about) below the finances of the state, the country becomes just another company.  I'm not naive enough to think states have not been in this role for a long time, but I get the feeling they'll become 'companies' in name too very soon.  We won't even have the idea of state to cling to.

Trial by Trocadero

I was at a family dinner last Saturday.  Food was only okay, and it took practically an hour after starters for the main course to arrive, but the coup de grace I only became aware of later.  My brother ordered some fish.  Kindly the kitchen had put an extra maggot on the side of his plate.  To be fair, it was trying to wriggle off, but it really spoils my impression of the place.  Very, very disappointing.