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Monday, February 15, 2010

Scart, Scart and More Scart!

My mother gave my grand aunt a dvd player to watch Brendan O'Carroll, for her 80th birthday. I was to set it up.
After work I headed for the Luas. Something has to be done about those ticket machines. As I queued and watched idiot after idiot fumble for change after they made their selection, I was getting angrier and angrier. I had my change handy, you see. I could even give one fumbler a ten cent piece when their purse refused them. Yes, those kind of customers! With only four people in front of me (and several machines not working), three trams came and went. Eventually I got to the machine. I put in my exact change. It spat it out. I tried it again. It spat again. I turned to the girl behind me. "You did nothing wrong," she said. I tried again. The queue was a mile long. It spat it out. I took my change and left, going only so far as the next queue. Eventually I got to that machine and the same change was accepted.
My grand aunt commented on my exhaustion when I arrived. I was a little more exhausted when I couldn't find a scart cable in the dvd player box. Nor could I find one in the house, not upstairs, not in the bathroom, not even in the kitchen, though her old video was there under the table. Sans cables. I called aunts and uncles, all who live nearby. No joy. I called neighbours. No joy. Half-heartedly I said it would take me an hour and a half to go home, get the spare one I had there and return. I was exhausted; my grand aunt would surely say don't bother. She didn't. "So I'll see you at 9?"
I trudged home. My ill-fitting shoes twisted my ankle. When I got home I went to the fridge for some juice (none) only to see two eggs fall out. They cracked, but they didn't splatter. No, I had to smash one to do that. I left for Dundrum again, this time with 4 different types of cable and another pair of shoes. When I got there around 9:20, my luck turned. The scart worked immediately (well, why wouldn't it?). I kissed my grand aunt goodbye and trudged home again.
Oh, yeah, and then I dropped the jar of coffee.


At 10:59 pm, Blogger Niall said...

Thanks Lucy. It's really good to hear that my blog's read and enjoyed. Sincere thanks for your comment.


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