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Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Strange Conjunction

A few weeks back we launched an online tool for accessing digital objects of Irish cultural interest, DHO:Discovery. Today we indexed a collection of 1916 photographs. Choosing this collection ("RIA Photographs Collection") in conjunction with "The Balfour Album" makes for a strange but surprisingly aesthetic conjunction. It's interesting to see the peaceful, pastoral scenes rudely interrupted by blown out building shells. Then you notice similarities in the ruins, the lines, the shapes, the perspectives, the underside of a bridge followed by a small cave. Then you think of the cultural overlaps, the Big Houses and poor country kids juxtaposed with the battle against the system in the ruined city. I know I am exaggerating the effect, but still.... Just scroll through, clicking on next. I like the "Cyclopean Masonry"(!) followed by "The D.B.C., eastside of Sackville St, May 17 [1916]", or the big river scene of Liberty Hall and the Custom House followed immediately by a limpet shell mound. This could become a whole new web-born artform: 'Happy Juxtapositions'!


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