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Friday, August 25, 2006

Another day's work for Mac in a Sac, I fear. I awoke to the sound of thunder and it's raining fairly heavily out there.

Had another fabulous meal in that Chinese last night; fried crab with ginger and onions in oyster sauce. Foolishly with my Western bias, I half thought the crab would come in batter or something. No such sacrilege! Crab pieces in the shell cooked by frying. Delicious, big portions and easy on the wallet. The name of the place is New King, if you're looking for it. It's always packed, so I got put initially at a table with a Dutch couple. It was their favourite too.

A few drinks in Leidseplein, but I was on my own so back to pack a little. I'll finish that after breakfast. Then off to Paris.


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