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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Auckland - First Impressions

Auckland is not a bad city at all. Nice weather, friendly people and a good, walkable layout to the city. I had intended travelling today, but the departure for my first destination on the Magic Bus tour I have booked, Paihia, doesn't leave on a Thursday. An extra day here is no loss, though I will be returning next week before heading south.

Had a lovely Thai meal yesterday too, a yellow seafood curry. I did some shopping (sleeping bag) and rambling yesterday, going up the Sky Tower for a great view of the city. They have panels of 38 inch glass in the floor so you can see the streets beneath your feet. First look and vertigo starts, but once you keep telling yourself it's as safe as the rest of the flooring the mind settles down. Yes indeed, first impressions are good.


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