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Thursday, January 11, 2007

To Taupo

I met Heiko yesterday and went along to the Polynesian Spa for the afternoon. The general area is comprised of four pools, one alkaline and three acidic, ranging in temperature from 38 to 42 degrees. It was a fairly relaxing time.

In the evening Patrick popped up, so he joined Heiko and me for a meal in the Pig and Whistle. As we were eating, in walked Rosie, John and Mareille. Great to see them and judging from their itineraries I may see more of them.

This morning en route to Taupo we visited some mud pools and a geyser. Once you photographed one mud pool you've photographed them all, but you still do it. Having said that we went to a thermal pool reserve and it was very impressive. The sulphur and other minerals coloured the pools in a kaleidoscope of hues.

Avoiding the 'Big Swing', I went powerboating near the Huka Waterfall. With a lot of spinning and close to bank speeding, I enjoyed it immensely, but didn't get the adrenaline rush you might expect. It's more fun than fear.

The hostel is okay, nothing fantastic. Our driver is not the most helpful. I get the feeling he is avoiding a lot of work, advising us to book accommodation and ferry crossings ourselves (while the other drivers have said there would be no problem). He is also very close to a lot of the optional activities making you feel he is getting his pay from several quarters. Nevertheless we are off for beer and food with him in a moment.


At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Niall, not being very techie this is a new one for me to post a blogment. enjoying the blog and the pics. surprised you dont have a pasword protected uncensored version (with pics) but i am sure this is in production. keep up the bop work, barry b


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