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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apologies in Advance

Just to let you know that what follows are a number of reviews (they're like buses) so ignore them if you so choose. I'm sure there'll be something of interest soon. The last few weeks I've been reading a lot, so that would explain it. There's a Christopher Priest novel (the author of 'The Prestige') I've read too, but haven't written of yet (a lot of science fiction lately, I'm afraid), and movie wise I was at 'Ocean's Thirteen' yesterday, oh, and the fairly scary '28 Weeks Later', and 'The Godfather' for the umpteenth time on Saturday, but let those lie for now.

On other matters, I have been informed by a reliable source that all the weight I lost on my travels, I have now put back on. The reliable source is my mother, so it must be true. So much for Mother's Pride.


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