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Saturday, September 29, 2007

It Annoys Me

It annoys me that the very moment you are moved by something, eg. a piece of music, so much so that you feel compelled to write, that the stupid e-mail system 'fails' and the word is halted. Why?
Yes , I am drunk and yes, I walked from Phibsboro to town to hear some music (mp3 player). Tippett's 'Fantasia on a Theme by Corelli' is fantastic, even if no one else agrees. It constantly threatens to go out of control but never quite does. Fantastic! I have loved it for many a year and hope I always do.
The Registry had their annual party to celebrate the end of registration so I have been on strawberry beer all night. I know the hangover that is in store for me, but these are the sacrifices one makes for a glass half full night. Good night in the Porterhouse North even if some old (attached) friends couldn't make it. Probably as well.
Dvorak's Nocturno for Violin and Piano has just started. The Master of Melody! Can you get much better?


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