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Monday, September 24, 2007

Time Enough at Last?

I read today that Ahern told journalists on Saturday that he resents the Tribunal because it doesn't leave him time to read. Like the rest of us. Imagine if for three days of your presumably undemanding life as leader of a country you didn't have the time to read. The poor man!* I have completely revised my opinion of the poor recluse. To think of all that time in a public forum answering questions. Damn it, the poor man is worried that they might have him there until he's old and grey! (Well, old anyway). And after three days already would you be surprised! That's three days people! It could go to four. Maybe even five! Have a heart, Judge Mahon! Why can't you let Bertie get back to the Dail where he can stand in a public place and um, answer questions, and um, maybe even get some reading done....
I mean of course when the Dail actually opens again this Wednesday. To think that you're disturbing the poor hermit's holidays! There's only three months of them you know!
* (Burgess Meredith's bank official in The Twilight Zone springs to mind - Hell, Bertie even has the bank experience! Or does he...?)



At 11:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the man is gonna shut you down!


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