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Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Wet!

For too long Ireland has hung its head in shame at its weather. Without balmy summers or crisp snowfalls, we have seen our country as an Atlantic rock visited only by rain. This rain is a special rain though. Perpetual without being lethal, ubiquitous without being intrusive, it provides the soundtrack to our daily lives. I say no more to our shame! Let us stand up with Australia, yodel with the Swiss, and otherwise cry out our pride in the precipitation that powers our nation! Viva Irish rain! Long live the water! Get wet!


At 2:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niall, I actually agree with you (so long as you are not being sarcastic). The irish rain is fantastic - and it is unique. Rain here is cold, always cold and indeed, wet. Irish rain can be wispy and fine - and thus not particularly "wetting" - something I miss. We are heading into winter now and I know that when it is minus 15-20C (the wind chill is factored in here) and I am walking home some evening from the sauna (or boozer) I will miss the relative mildness of the irish weather and not the extremes we seem to have here in the south of Germany. Roll on those feckin' Russian winds from the north ... as I always say between those bronchial coughs I enjoy at least 5 times a year ... it could be worse though, I could live in Chicago. Phil.


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