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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Week in Bullets

It's like summer at the moment, by which I mean it's raining. The week in bullets:
* Monday: I watched 'Photographing Fairies', taped from the night before. Always liked it, but had to admit the direction and editing were clunky, the script roughly finished. The story though; great stuff.
* Wednesday: I had a long phonechat with Sharepoint maestro and old college-time buddy, Stephen. He tried to persuade me to turn to the Dark Side.
* Thursday: The mother of my assistant and her brother, a good friend of mine, died suddenly. Not a happy afternoon.
* Thursday: Met up with Shane and Brian for a drink in the Long Hall. Brian had just gotten a new job in RTE. Too much, far too much, Guinness.
*Thursday/Friday: Argued with the bouncer in Abracastabra when what passes for food there was cleaned away too promptly. Should have commended him.
* Thursday/Friday: Asked the taxi driver to turn off the radio. He turned it down instead, so I told him why my tip was so small when getting out. He wasn't amused.
* Friday: Nasty hangover. Nasty. Why is it, when I'm suffering, I end up working late? I did some improvements on my newsfeeds application, something I hadn't touched in years. The motivation for this was a request for newsfeed data on the Chaplaincy website! The Anglican chaplain is apparently straight out of a software firm.
*Today: I met Barry, Angela and their four little Midwich children (all blond, all very similar) walking through M&S. The kids, all under 5 I believe, were good as gold; didn't run, mess or scream, just very cutely said their goodbyes when I left. Yes, but wait till their alien powers develop!!!!! (Only kidding, Barry).
*Today: Just getting on the bus, some guy behind me pushed someone. He pushed the wrong druggie! Suddenly the offended pushee shouted out, "What you doin' pushin'?" The bus stopped. The pusher suddenly looked sheepish, all eyes glaring at him, but stood his ground at the driver, paying for his ticket. 'You pusher!' Then as the pushee pushed by the pusher, he said, 'The big acne head on ya! I hope you're getting off the same stop....'


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