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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drink and the Insane Man

The mid-week is my weekend, or so I tell myself while I drink. Last night I went to the Ruby Sessions in Doyle's of Fleet Street. Rebecca Collins, Gavin Glass, Shane O'Fearghail and Nigel Place stalked the boards, very successfully. On the way back from the basement jacks, I literally bumped into cousin Jan...and didn't recognise her. Only later, at 3 a.m., as we prepared to leave, did we recognise each other. We are definitely of the same stock, alcoholic though that might be.
I have no right to complain about the hangover today. I knew it was before me. I also knew unrelenting meetings (and a presentation I had to give) were before me. It was a long day, all the more so because I've only just left that den of iniquity, largely by my own choice (the work builds up). As Dexter Fletcher once put it, madness doesn't just run in my family, it practically gallops.


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