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Monday, February 18, 2008

If You Have Nothing Good to Say...

Another birthday dinner for my brother tonight, this one with the family (and girlfriends). My dad advised that if we had nothing good to say about someone, then say nothing at all. 3 seconds later the evening was saved by my mother who broke the silence, permanently, completely, beyond the power of sellotape, toilet rolls or watch springs to mend.

Cousin Jan got on the cover of the Sunday Indo the other day (new play, modelling dresses, the usual). Something funny in the caption though. Age 28! I think not. There I said it. The world now knows, you reprobate! Lying about your age in public!

As part of Rag Week, DCU students tried to dunk senior staff into a vat of water for charity today. They were hopeless. It was left to staff member Ian to drop the Head of Student Affairs in it and break the mechanism (thus dunking everyone else from then on at the slightest provocation). Kids these days!

I cannot comment on Kosovo as I simply am not well informed enough, but it does strike me that Serbians need to learn a little tolerance and probably a lot about democracy (how naive is that!). And anything that pisses off Russia (by which I mean Putin) can't be half bad (how true is that!). But like I say, I can't comment (and so probably shouldn't have; for astute commentary see Ian's (a different Ian to the staff dunker) Eurovision in Crisis). People like me should just shut up! But then if you have nothing good to say....


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