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Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's just not fair!!!!!!!

It's just not fair

Tonight was my brother's thirtieth birthday and we had a fabulous meal in the Trinty Capitol. Thank you, Mr H. Afterwards we went to Howl at the Moon. I was standing in the queue with this shithead of a poser woman pushing herself forward when the bouncer came down and apologised, but it would take an hour to get in. This didn't sound like my evening plan and I happened to mention a few names. To my immense satisfaction I was ushered beyond the queue and in. I take comfort in the knowledge that shithead woman froze.
I met a Cavan masseuse who looked like Mary-Louise Parker. I have always had a thing for Mary-Louise Parker, and when she said she was thirty, and in my bracket so to speak, I was happy. I was happier when she said I was cute and I reciprocated. So where the f*ck did the boyfriend come from!!!! It's just not fair! Not fair at all. Damn it, we were getting on very well.
And then there was that little one I missed because the bouncer kicked me downstairs and into the orbit of Mary-Louise again. It just isn't fair!
Anyway walking from Howl at the Moon to Capel Street isn't fun, and it wasn't, but funny to hear two kids chatting on the phone with the absent boyfriend saying something like "When you're on Bebo you'll get the mail." Social networking is now! So is frostbite and depression and questions about what the hell is fair and what is not. At least Colm, my brother, had a good night.


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