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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Von Clausewitz with a Dyed Head

Part three of the O'Leary Thirtieth Birthday celebrations occurred tonight. I had to make that two bus trek out and I realised as buses passed by, idiots insisted on their two thirds of the seat, traffic kept us stationary and schoolkids sang shite tunes in the back of the bus, that I really should not have been able to take a two bus journey home as long as I did. No wonder psychiatry is a tempting option. I was late and not allowed forget it.

Dropping by with champers and cake we interrupted my bro's enjoyment of Liverpool beating Inter tonight.

I have not the slightest interest in football, save when it's an excuse to drink during work time, so my opinion is little sought after when it comes to soccer. However, even I could see, regardless of the 2-0 win, that Liverpool need a new manager. They were lucky. My other brother, Gavin, a fanatical Liverpool fan, was driven to support Benitez, claiming he kept on Kuyt with that first goal in mind. Rubbish! Gavin had been calling for Kuyt to be taken off all through the game and everything Gavin said was mirrored by Houghton on commentary (not necessarily a mark of recommendation, but valid tonight). The bottom line was this; when everyone else was in agreement as to what needed to be done (Crouch on early, a right footer not being needed late in the game in the position he was placed), why couldn't Benitez see that. But Niall, don't you see they won? Well, with 80% possession they damn sure should have. As it was, both their goals were verging on flukes (a deflection and one far too far out not to take a deflection). Had the team been managed properly goals would have happened as they should have, not by chance, but as planned for, especially given the lacklustre side they were playing, a side down to ten men. Again what do I know (little, I know), what do I care (even less), but I could see my Von Clausewitz in action, and you don't have to be a soccer expert for that. Quite apart from that, it highlights how readily people are to forget their criticisms when the result they seek happens. If a criticism is valid, it is valid, regardless of outcome.

To exemplify that, my mother pointed out how black Benitez's hair was. You see, dyed hair is dyed hair whatever the result.

We left after the match and cake, driving back to the family abode. I had to fight my parents to escape the stew waiting for me on the stove. Just get me home!

As I approached the bus stop for my return home, a bus pulled up at the lights just before the stop. Last night two buses passed me in the same place, so tonight I ran, especially when the lights turned and the race was on. The driver told me to 'Relax' once I was on, for I did catch it. 'I missed some yesterday I explained.' Be-astard! Dublin Bus drivers should be made catch a few buses before they get all wise on their advice. Be on the catching end and you will understand how faecal the service actually is, how warm and toasty their shelters are of 11 o'clock at night and how uplifting several lit buses are as they speed by to their ill-earned cocoa.


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