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Friday, March 21, 2008

Who Hates?

Die!!!!!! -t Coke. Does anyone sympatise with my complete and utter hatred of Coke ads? Not that I'd ever buy that evil brand, but those ads just make me get up off my ass and scream anger. And not just the 'Here's for the -' shite. There's that hypocritical games type ad and the lovely fluffy evil animation ad and - well, they're all evil. I was spitting blood when some car ad came on with the theme for 'The Flumps'. I HATE YOU TOO, YOU RIPPING-OFF VAMPIRES! Sorry, but I have a childhood to defend.
And now they're using 'Blister in the Sun' for a beer ad. Is nothing sacred? There is a novel just in the ads, I tell you, a cynical, sad novel, but one nevertheless.


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