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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Something's in the Air

You can feel a warmth in the air that doesn't quite seem natural, welcome though it is. May starts and for once so does summer. Strange, for Ireland.
I was in the Long Stone on Friday night - among other places - and Dan, the manager from our old drinking spot, Conway's, seems to be managing it now. I never really liked Conway's, but I was in the minority in our group, and it's the people you're with that matter in the end. I haven't been in the Long Stone in quite a while, but I hope Dan doesn't weave his magic on it. We didn't stay too long (the 'John Horgan's mouth' fireplace was breathing down our necks), going next door to McTurkel's instead. A seriously drunk Mongolian tried to make friends with us, but all I could make out was that he hated working in a kitchen and wanted to be a soldier. After his friend failed to get him to leave, the bouncers succeeded in the job.
At that stage it was inevitable that we should have our own run-in with bouncers and when we headed out for a 30th birthday party in Clondalkin, it was only with the intervention of the birthday boy that we managed to get in. And after such a trek it would have been a pity.
All the above was written yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to post. Now look at today. Not just warm air, hot sun too. Summer? In Ireland? Inconceivable!


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