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Sunday, May 03, 2009

How to Drive Your Liver to Industrial Action

Seemed like a long day yesterday though I escaped long before any harm was done. Met Justin and Ian already with a big head start in Ruaille Buaille in preparation for the Leinster-Munster match. We staked our table early, but not without a fight. A Munster contingent firstly pushed our table to the side of the screen and then seized every available seat in the place. As I was without a seat at the time I took great offence to this. Eventually I got to one just before one of them and I got a look that I gave right back. Then there was the obigatory drunk (in a bar!) who was looking for seat and company and had the good fortune to run across Justin who decided to play devil and invite him to join us. That had repercussions I will not go into. Suffice to say I ended up without a seat happily watching the match on a tv screen off to the side away from the general throng. It was all too tense for fun-loving me. I am not a sports fan, being there mostly for the day out than anything else, but it was nice to see Leinster win so convincingly. It certainly shut up one colony of red-shirted tables.
After the wedding the night before (a black tie affair), I was never going to last too long and took my leave soon after making it to the Dame Tavern. Not too drunk, nor too tired, just someone who had used up their daily allowance of endorphins.
Actually here is an unexpected side effect of coming home early. I was sitting on the couch watching 'In the Bedroom' (a real feel-good movie for one lacking endorphins), when suddenly the kitchen got a little brighter and there was a tremendous smash! I looked out to see that the glass light fitting (a screw-in job) had somehow fallen down. The screw in part was intact so that hadn't broken. It's been up since last I changed the lightbulb nearly a year ago and I tightened it well then. If I had come home to find that I would have been even more bemused. Alternatively if I had been cooking under it when it happened I might be dead (melodramatic, I know, but it was a heavy piece of glass). Strange.
Have to drop back the tux now.


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