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Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Education

Very nicely adapted by boy's writer, Nick Hornby, 'An Education' tells how journalist and writer Lynn Barber got to know so much about the world very early on. At the age of 16, to be exact. While still a schoolgirl whe was wined and dined and carted off to Paris by a much older man, apparently with the approval of her very gullible parents. Her dream having been to go to Oxford, this freewheeling lifestyle gave her some cause to pause for thought.
Carey Mulligan deservedly got an Oscar nomination for her brilliantly judged performance (and hopefully will win one in the future). I mean this is some way to go from Doctor Who! Something should also be said of Rosamund Pike who plays the 'ditzy blonde' character with just a little more depth than such a role would usually warrant. Although we never really see below the surface (and the dialogue Hornby gives her never strays from the stereotypical), you always feel there's something unhealthy lurking behind her pretty face.
The story itself is very conventional. You know the relationship between Jenny and smarmy David is wrong and you know how it will all turn out. But the characters are all nicely turned out and the journey is intelligently travelled. It looks well, sounds well, and little Jenny is so smart and sassy as to make 'Juno' look like trailer trash. An education indeed.



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