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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Academic Robbery

I was part of a violent heist in UCD last night (another easily interpreted dream). A line of innocents stood at the window ready to be mown down in cold blood. In order to keep me a good guy, my machine gun had no effect. I complained bitterly, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the bullets when I checked. We - the gang - had a conversation with some of the hostages towards the end of the heist (including an old mentor of mine), then we all split up. As I walked briskly to an exit, a security guard saw the guns under my shirt, but rather than stop me he joked that I should send him a million and waved me on.
This version of UCD was right across the road from the sea. I ended up in a ferry terminal trying to hide among the passengers. I had a conversation with a couple of girls, though I can't remember the subject. When they all started to board I took my leave again walking out the side of the building on to the beach. I think I awoke then.
Shame about those bullets.
Just as well I finish work tomorrow, huh?



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