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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a Campus!

It's a measure of the campus that Stanford is that there is a grand piano in the lobby of one of the student residences. I got home from a wonderful meal of teriyaki steak in Nola's of Palo Alto to find a guy playing Chopin on that piano. I couldn't get the elevator. I just sat down and listened. Then I mentioned the Nocturne in D Minor and after a little searching (he had the scores on his iPad) he played that. I frowned appropriately at the loud idiots barging into the building while he played, but hell, it was great stuff. He wasn't familiar with the Wittgenstein left hand commissions, but we chatted about them nonetheless. I mean what a place where you can top off a wonderful meal (thanks Nigel!) with live classical music. I love Stanford. Love it!


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