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Saturday, January 13, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

  1. Steak in overpriced Irish pub with Philip, Maria, Montserrat, Christina and Rebecca.

  2. Heiko joined the gang and we headed for Blend

  3. Met Scotty another driver from Magic

  4. Many drinks

  5. Dancing on counter

  6. Many drinks

  7. More dancing on counter

  8. Many, many drinks

  9. Awoke this morning at 6.00 due to mass exodus from room

  10. Went back to sleep

  11. Awoke again feeling lousy

  12. Nice fry up in Kenny's Cafe

  13. Te Papa Museum

  14. Te Papa Museum

  15. Te Papa Museum

  16. Te Papa Museum

  17. Te Papa Museum

  18. Te Papa Museum

  19. Bought strange fish, salad and lemon juice

  20. Cooked and ate a mountain of fish. Drank half lemon juice. Not wise

  21. Soon to depart for more shenanigans


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