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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Irish Bars Again

I ended up in an irish bar called The Shamrock. A very good Thai band began by playing Coldplay, Macy Gray, Metallica and The Cranberries, but their heart was with Metallica, and they ended up playing several of their songs. The lead singer was a oldish guy with long grey hair and glasses, an Asian Ozzy Osbourne, as an English girl beside me described him. He looked like he was really enjoying himself, especially when he got on to "Whiskey in the Jar".

That English girl, Amy, was heading off today on an Intrepid trip to Laos, something I had been (and am still considering). I ended up talking briefly to a few people, but the music was too loud and best friends weren't liking me, so I headed back home early.

It looks like I missed the Full Moon Party in Kao Pha Ngan for February.


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